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Welcome to LOTR Soundtrack.com! This site provides an overview and analysis of each song in the 3 Lord of the Rings soundtrack. It also details the events occurring in the movies while each song is playing.

The links on the left will take you directly to each song that you are interested in. They are arranged in the order that they come on the CDs, which is also in line chronologically with the events of the movie.

Soundtrack Overview

The three Lord of the Rings soundtracks created for the Lord of the Rings movies were done by Howard Shore. Shore has done the scoring for at least 31 different movies. Shore has created a masterpiece with the LOTR Soundtrack series, and it will likely be the biggest score he will do in his career. After all, what greater movies are there than these three?

Shore combines Celtic music in the Fellowship of the Ring, which really sets the tone of the Hobbits' Shire. He also displays an impressive theme for Aragorn and Arwen in the first soundtrack. His portrayal of the black riders is stunning - I remember nearly jumping out of my site at one point during Fellowship when I first saw it in the theater. This cd alternates between dark music and joyful. It starts light with an overview of the Shire and turns dark as the Hobbits flee from the black riders. Then, when Rivendell is reached the music turns light again. After that comes extremely appropriate dark music when the Fellowship is in Moria. It then again becomes light when all but Gandalf reach Lothlorien. The variations in this track make it an easy listen.

The Two Towers music is my favorite. I find the themes for Rohan and the Rohirrim to be absolutely perfect for them. Shore also sets a strong tone for the Uruk-Hai throughout the films with a thunderous theme that really captures their presence. The Riders of Rohan track is a spectacular representation of the Riders. The ending tracks are also spectacular, with The Hornburg and Forth Eorlingas giving an astounding finale.

The Return of the King is the last cd and it couldn't have been any better. Minas Tirith creates a spectacular tone for the appearance of the White City, only hinted at in the previous two movies. The Ride of the Rohirrim is another amazing score by Shore on the Riders of Rohan. The rest of the soundtrack is one stunning piece after another.

The final songs of the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack, the Grey Havens and Into the West, create an aura of sadness at the ending of the film, yet they show hope and prosperity for those remaining in Middle Earth.

Overall, all three CDs are simply outstanding if you are a Lord of the Rings fan. They are really must-haves.

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